Trent Long

Trent Long

Director, Ethernet Strategy & Product Development, AT&T

Trent is responsible for AT&T Business’s switched Ethernet strategy and development.  The breadth of his 27 years of telecommunication experience across multiple organizations and projects enables him to inspire teams and deliver results to achieve business goals.

Previously, he was the Director for AT&T Alascom in Alaska, with overall responsibility for the Product, Pricing, IT Services organization and a Wireless Broadband Site acquisition team.  He implemented and delivered new strategic products for Dedicated IP services, Ethernet, and consumer broadband products across the state.  He also led a team that created an IP & Ethernet network operations center that could look across Fiber, Satellite, and Microwave facilities to enable these strategic offerings in a very challenging geographical environment.

He is passionate about enabling products that genuinely solve customer issues utilizing an Agile process that is nimble enough to facilitate quick changes in this evolving marketplace. 

Trent enjoys traveling around the world with his wife and continues to advance his interests by becoming a sommelier and studying for his captain’s license to enable deep water sailing.