Robert Tomkins

Robert Tomkins

Senior Director, Software Innovations, Blue Planet

Robert Tomkins is Senior Director of Software Innovations with global responsibility for incubating Blue Planet automation solutions into new markets.

An industry veteran, Rob has worked with established technologies, customers, and organizations to transform their networks to be more agile and adaptive. His early career highlights include coding TCP/IP for IBM mainframes and pioneering OSPF on a Class A Cisco router network, enabling it to be a multi-vendor network.  

His passion for technology drove him to accept roles in product line management for new IP and Ethernet solutions on routers, Frame Relay, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), and Ethernet switches and pioneered Ethernet client interfaces and switching on optical and Time-division multiplexing switches.

In strategic leadership roles, Rob has helped to converge acquired portfolios, introduce coherent optics to the content provider market, and developed expertise in deep packet inspection, big data analytics, and software-defined networking.

Rob holds an honors degree in mathematics in both computer science and statistics from the University of Waterloo.