Marc Halbfinger

Marc Halbfinger

CEO, PCCW Global

Marc Halbfinger was appointed CEO of PCCW Global in 2007. He has more than 25 years of in-depth business experience spanning a wide range of sub-sectors across the media and telecommunications industries.

During his tenure as PCCW Global CEO, Marc has overseen a huge number of transformative projects and developments, including the acquisition of Gateway Communications in 2012. That acquisition significantly expanded PCCW Global’s capabilities in the EMEA region and paved the way for new relationships and opportunities. Since then, he has led a number of other smaller acquisitions, all aimed at positioning PCCW Global as a leader in the provision of digital communications solutions.

Marc is also chairman of the ITW Founders’ Council, set up to oversee International Telecoms Week and the related Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF), an organisation with a remit to guide wholesale industry leaders in a dynamic market. Given the rapid changes in the wholesale carrier industry, these bodies are playing a vital role in bringing together players from across the industry to address the challenges associated with the rapidly evolving telecommunications market of the future.

Marc joined PCCW in 2000 as Senior Vice President of the Pacific Convergence Corporation’s Business Development section. As such, he was responsible for markets in Europe and North America, where he was involved in Now TV’s early commercial development as an IPTV operator. In 2001, he was appointed President of BTN Access, which he helped establish to cover Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and which later became part of PCCW Global.

Prior to joining PCCW Global, Marc served as a Vice President of Teleglobe, where he was responsible for Mediterranean and South European markets. He has also served at Global One and Sprint International, as well as with a Southwestern Bell subsidiary. He holds a Master of Science (Econ) in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science.