Ken Dilbeck

Ken Dilbeck

Vice President, Collaboration R&D, TM Forum

Ken has been involved in the Telecommunication Industry for over 30 years. He has helped TM Forum create and evolve

its Digital Transformation Strategy and launch Open Digital Architecture (ODA). He was involved in the creation of the AI

Maturity Model and the Digital Maturity Model and initiated the TM Forum’s ZOOM project focused on NFV & SDN.

Ken also coordinates activities with other Standards Organizations for the Forum. He has been involved in the

architecture, design and development of a broad range of OSS systems, from billing systems to element management

systems, wireless and wireline. He worked 8 years as a Software Development Director for a leading network equipment

provider and 15 years for a major US service provider. He is one of the founders of the OSS through Java Initiative. In the

past Ken has been a company representative to T1S1, ITU, OMG, TMF and OMA. Ken has a masters degree in software

engineering from Seattle University and a BA in Mathematics.