Mehmet Toy

Mehmet Toy

Associate Fellow, Verizon

Mehmet Toy holds Ph.D degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ.   He is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in Verizon Communications and involved in the architecture, implementation, testing, automation, and standardization of Virtual Network Services/Hosted Network Services, Carrier Ethernet Services, 5G, Network Slicing and Multi-Access Edge Computing. 

Prior to this position, Dr. Toy has held technical and management positions at various levels in several well-known companies and startups including Comcast, Intel Corp., Axiowave Networks, Fujitsu Network Communications, AT&T Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies.  He has also been a tenure-track faculty and adjunct professor in several universities including Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Worchester Polytechnic Institute, and University of North Caroline at Charlotte.

Dr. Toy contributed to research, development and standardization of Cloud Service, Overlay Networks, Self-Managed Networks, SDN, Virtualization, Carrier Ethernet, IP Multimedia Systems (IMS), Optical, IP/MPLS, Wireless, ATM, and Signal Processing technologies. He holds thirteen issued or pending patents. He has also published numerous articles, seven books and a video tutorial in these areas.  Three of his books are used as college text books.

Dr. Toy has served in the Open Cloud Connect Board, the IEEE Network Magazine, the IEEE Communications Magazine, the IEE-USA and the IEEE ComSoc in various capacities. He has received various awards from Verizon, Comcast, AT&T Bell Labs and IEEE-USA for his accomplishments in these fields.  

He is currently a Life Time Sr. Member of IEEE, Vice-Chair of ITU-T FGNET2030 Focus Group, Chair of ITU-T FGNET2030 Future Internet Architecture teams of nine; and serves in MEF, ETSI-NFV, CNTT, and ONAP.