Bob Mandeville

Bob Mandeville

President, Iometrix

Bob Mandeville, founder and president of Iometrix, the networking industry's preeminent test laboratory, has dedicated his career to providing globally recognized and trusted conformance tests to the fast growing networking industry.  Iometrix is the official test laboratory of the MEF Certification Program. 

Throughout his carrer Mr. Mandeville has been strongly committed to advancing industry testing standards as author and contributor to test specifications at the IETF, IEEE, MEF, MSF, IP/MPLS Forum and BBF.  Prior to founding Iometrix, Mr. Mandeville, as the founder and director of European Network Laboratories (ENL) led the execution of major networking testing projects with the World Health Organization, the European Commission in Bruxelles and Luxembourg, the Government of Belgium, the French Electricity Board and several global financial and banking institutions.  ENL, also widely known for its networking test reports, reached a worldwide readership of 800,000 industry specialists.

The networking community also knows Mr. Mandeville through his networking conferences conducted in the United States, several European and South American countries, Japan, China, Singapore, and Australia.

Mr. Mandeville authored two seminal test specifications MEF 9 Abstract Test Suite for Ethernet Services at the UNI and MEF 14 Abstract Test Suite for Traffic Management Phase 1 both recognized as authoritative references throughout the fast growing Carrier Ethernet industry.  He also authored Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) RFC 2285 Benchmarking Terminology for LAN Switching Devices and RFC 2889 Benchmarking Methodology for LAN Switching Devices widely employed in the Ethernet industry.